yoga and hiking/trail running

from €550 6 days

Speciaal theme; yoga & hiking/trailrunning retreat with Marijke Werps. Yoga teacher, food expert and masseuse therapist. She is specialised in ayurvedische massage.



In this yoga and hiking/trail running retreat in Spain Marijke Werps will be responsible for the yoga lessons and massage. She is a yoga teacher and masseuse, who is know for her expertise on ayurvedische massage.

The keyword for life nowadays is balans and yoga can help you with it.

We offer different types of meditation styles and yoga and a daily hike or trail run in our yoga and hiking/trail running retreat in Spain.

Private lessons or massages can be booked when your with us.

We have plenty of yoga mats and yoga props, but you prefer you can also bring your own.

Please contact us if you:

have specific wishes of questions about any of our activities or scedules;
want to stay longer than 6 days;
want a custom made retreat for a small group of 4 to 10 persons. (Also check Outdoor holiday on request.)