Outdoor holiday

from € 495 6 days

Do you like to be in the nature while doing outdoor activities, and you don’t have a specific preference for one sport? This outdoor holiday is just a thing for you!



This outdoor holiday in Andalusie is full of outdoor activities, where you as an outdoor junky certainly wil find what you want. You can look for your boundaries competing with others and even more with yourself.

In the program are various activities which you can choose and together with the group you make your own program. Not everyting is mandatory so if you feel like relaxing in the morning or afternoon by the pool, this is possible .

– Tracking or trail running (distance and speed depending on your level)
– Caminito del rey (small surcharge)
– mountain biking (rent MTB is exclusive)
– bootcamp
– survival
– rock climbing
– yoga

If you want rent a mountainbike, order this in advance. So we can get you the right size and model.

Please contact us if you:

have specific wishes of questions about any of our activities or scedules;
want to stay longer than 6 days;
want a custom made retreat for a small group of 4 to 10 persons. (Also check Outdoorweek on request.)

This outdoor holiday in Andalusie is also very suitable for youngsters. Click on the following link for more information:


You don’t need to be a top athlete to join this holiday. We take into account each and others level, needs and wishes in every activity. Don’t be afraid you have to adjust on the level of others, with our experience in outdoor training we can offer each activity in a way it’s challenging and fun for everyone.