August 2018 family en friends

August 2018 family and friends

oktober 2018 survival company Leeuwarden

november 2018 survival company Kootstertille

november 2018 family en colleagues

november 2018 friends

november/december 2018 mountainbike holiday

january 2019 building an obstacle course

januari 2019 friends

March 2019 the old timers

March/April 2019 Yoga & outdoor active with Puur

April 2019 Friends

May 2019 Friends

May 2019 yoga and hiking/relaxing with R and P

May 2019 Endurama festival in Ojen

May 2019 Intership E + I

May 2019 family visit

august active family holiday

august outdoor relax holiday

august personal training

september outdoor holiday

oktober yoga and hiking/trailrunning

november outdoor holiday SVL and Ilse

november Enduro holiday

december 2019 Christmas yoga en hiking

december 2019 yoga en hiking

januari 2020 actieve ouder/kind vakantie

februari 2020 mountainbike holiday

March 2020 outdoor holiday on request

March 2020 yoga and hiking/trailrunning

August 2021 outdoor holiday in France

September 2021 yoga and hiking in Spain

Oktober 2021 MTB holiday

november 2021 Enduro holiday

november 2021 MTB Training holiday

december 2021 hiking holiday